The week in politics…

So this week in Australian politics has been depressing and embarrassing and stupid and craven, some of it witnessed by Germany’s Foreign Minister and British blogger Iain Dale.  It’s hard to argue with his tweet about Julie Bishop’s hair.  I hadn’t spotted the similarity before:

“Loving the hairstyle of the Deputy Leader of the Opposition in Australia. I hear she was Krystal Carrington’s stunt double in Dynasty”

We’ve had Senator Bushby confusing Senate Estimates for an Austin Powers movie.  Much has been written about Penny Wong’s response butHarriet Tibet has written a great post on it saying most of what I’d have said.  I will re-iterate what I said on twitter that Penny Wong was absolutely correct in her assertion that “the blokes are allowed to yell” but a woman is catty if she doesn’t put with interruptions and nonsense.

The Victorian Liberals have stood up for all those poor, oppressed religious organisation and changed the anti-discrimination act to, well, allow discrimination

The NSW Liberals are pulling a Wisconsin and trying to resurrect Work Choices for states workers.

The federal government is pulling a Howard government-style attempt at the Pacific Solution in wanting to deport asylum seekers Malaysia.

So, in that frame of mind, I thought an appropriate song to share with the world would be Kate Miller-Heidke’s “Politics In Space”  There’s probably a few meanings to be found in it but I’m fairly disaffection is in there…

Politics In Space
I’m not gonna state my case anymore
Cause I haven’t got a leg to stand on
I’m not gonna take the leap anymore
Cause I got no mat to land onI’m not gonna smoke that shit anymore
It’ll only get me thinking
And I better not paddle upstream anymore
Cause this canoe is sinkingNo no no no no no

Are you alright? (pretty much)
Are you okay? (pretty much)
You got your health? (pretty much)
You know the way? (pretty much)
You know your limit? (pretty much)
You understand? (pretty much)
Are you the man? (pretty much) (pretty much)

Citizens don’t stand up anymore
There’s no point losing face
Sound off! 1 2 3 4
Politics in space

I’m not gonna be polite anymore
Cause everybody’s got bad manners
I’m not gonna make any plans anymore
Cause the works are full of spanners
I’m not gonna meditate anymore
The revolution is off the agenda
I’m a baby boomer’s daughter
And I’m never gonna reach nirvana

The sixties were 50 years ago
You know
Get over it


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