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Kylie - 30-something nerd, music fiend, crafty (in a literal sense - knitting and cross-stitch, especially), bookworm, history graduate with pretensions to post-graduate-dom

And while we’re at it…

I would absolutely love it if Apple could explain their pricing to me.  Just downloaded a song (Aloe Blacc’s “I Need A Dollar” if you’re interested).  I had a choice of the album version at 4:03 for $2.19 or the … Continue reading

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The week in politics…

So this week in Australian politics has been depressing and embarrassing and stupid and craven, some of it witnessed by Germany’s Foreign Minister and British blogger Iain Dale.  It’s hard to argue with his tweet about Julie Bishop’s hair.  I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Testing, testing, is this thing on?

This, I hope, will be the first of many posts, and not just for things that twitter was too short for.  I thought a nice jumping off point would be sharing with the world the inspiration for the blog’s title.  … Continue reading

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